…add certain questionable beverages to this and you got one helluva bachelor party.



Just wanted to say thanks for joining me on wednesday. Few things feel better for a songwriter than people showing up ready to actually listen. I got to test out my new song as well and apparently it’s not half bad. If you’re Swedish, read the review here.

Big thanks to upSweden too.


So this wednesday I’ll play my first real gig in a while. I say real because I don’t think playing “What’s My Name” in front of 20 ridiculously drunk soccer dudes qualifies as an official concert these days.

I went down to the local music store today and talked my way into renting one of these bad boys for a few days:

The music store is called SideBurn Music by the way. In my opinion, just an absolutely hilarious name for a music store.

I’ve been wanting to get a ES 339 for a while now, and though the above obviously can’t be compared to that, it might be a good place to start. ‘Stay With Me’ needs it too. The show starts at around 7 p.m. and I’ll come on at about 8. So to anyone who is currently in the area, enjoying -29 degree weather and about to shoot themselves, please postpone that and come join me at Kulturens Hus on wednesday night.


I just became a Global Parent with UNICEF. By no means am I sharing this to impress or boast as I don’t think the amount of money I’m giving would impress anyone. I just simply wanted to let people know how sometimes, it can be very easy to help in a big way.

I was watching TV the other day and a commercial came on with footage from places in and around Africa. It showed footage of child-soldiers, kids living on the street and little babies undernourished to the point of sickness. It’s not like I haven’t seen those same pictures before, on many occasions, and I didn’t understand why it had hit me so hard at that moment. But it did, and it was so obvious to me that I should try and help. Better late than never I guess.

I know by now how people are, especially in my age. I know it is easier to just switch channels, watch Friends for 5 minutes and forget about the stuff that is happening, all because doing something seems like a lot of work. I bet if people had a button right next to their couch (a button they didn’t have to move to get to) that gave 1 dollar to UNICEF every time you pressed it, they would see a huge increase in donations. But the thing is, it couldn’t be easier. The only thing I had to do was to fill out a form online and later send in my account details by regular mail. Thats’ it. Sure, I understand that some people are just not in a position to donate money. But don’t ignore this because of something stupid, like laziness.

The last thing I want to do with this post is to give people a bad conscience, even though they will probably take those kind of donations too. I understand how people need to look after themselves before being able to properly help others. And obviously there are many ways to help, this is just one way. My intention was only to show people that helping can be so simple, and yet make such a big difference. Please read more on the below website:


(if you are skeptical and want to know more about where the money actually goes, you are given a contact person who you can call or email and that will explain the process to you further)


well, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic. But it’s awesome to help clear my mind. After working on my “dream song” and not really getting anywhere for a while, it really helps to take some poor bastard out with my custom AK47.

Anyway, I booked a gig on the 16th (details to come) and I wanted to make a promise to finish this song before that date. Considering the writing of the song is going on 6 months now, I’m pretty sure I can’t wait anymore for it to come to me, I gotta go get it myself. So basically, I promise to play it on the 16th. No escaping it now. If you are there watching and I try to get out of it, you have my permission to boo and throw obstacles at me.

Better get to work.


Today I’m leaving my hometown yet again. Couldn’t count the times I’ve wanted to get the hell out of this place and far away from it’s people. And yet every time I leave, I feel sad. Actually I can’t tell if it’s sadness or just lack of sleep but in any case, leaving here has an effect on me.

I hardly have any friends here and Skellefteå hasn’t exactly been awesome for my music careeer. My last gig hosted 40 people where 10 of them were representatives from the inner Desai family. I haven’t fallen in love once in this city, but still I’m only a few weeks away from comparing that life to this and thinking, “when you look at it that way, it really wasn’t that bad..”. If I were a saying, I would be: Wanting what you can’t have.

I always pictured myself in a more vibrant and exciting place that in turn would allow me to become something bigger, someone to remember. I would cringe at the idea of becoming a permanent resident in Skellefteå (if you think you can’t relate, just think of any small town you’ve lived in), because I felt/feel that the people never understood me and the general ambition there is quite low. But the truth is, every time I have decided to relocate, I have always come back to right where I started from. Why is that, I wonder? Could it be that somewhere deep down, I know this is where I will eventually end up and so I keep checking in to make sure it hasn’t left me behind? As I am settling in on this bus that is going north, I’m thinking NO. The only sensible reason (one that is a relief), except to see my parents, is for a quick recharge of my batteries.

If I manage to grow the way I intend to, I don’t think Skell will be able to hold me. I’ll come back many times more after this, but only for pit-stops. I appreciate everything Skellefteå has done for me, and everything it hasn’t done for me. But the bottom line is, I’m going places and I believe I am the faster runner. Don’t get me wrong, I hope you can keep up Skellefteå.


..from the two best-looking Desais around (her words, not mine).


This’ll be my christmas post for this year I think.

I have a big decision to make in the next few weeks, and it is bothering me quite a bit. I have three realistic and sustainable options. That should be a good thing right? Well all I can think is: “great, now I’m gonna have to step on someones toes”. This and similar previous situations always makes me think of a scenario where I have no choice at all. Indirectly, I’m talking about running away from your “problems”, and it’s hard not to be attracted by that when the time comes to choose.

I am genuinely grateful for the things I have and the things I have done, which were only ever possible because of what was given to me. And when I consider the circumstances under which less fortunate people are forced to live their lives, my gratefulness even turns into guilt at times. With this said, I still can’t escape the thought of the restricted relief of not having a choice.

Considering it took me an hour to explain this to my best friend, I feel like I have to tread lightly to avoid being mistaken for an arrogant douche. But the fact is I believe more people than perhaps expected think like I (sometimes) do in these situations. That instead of the risk of upsetting someone with your choice or making the wrong decision for yourself, you may at that pivotal moment prefer your circumstances to be essentially basic. You would rather swap your situation for a scenario where maybe your only concern is to satisfy your most basic needs, where you don’t have to worry about all the intricate parts that a life of choice brings. I know it sounds dramatic, and I don’t think it goes to that extent over a Twix vs Kitkat battle. But when choosing between the one you are with and the one that might slip away, between the job that pays or the job does well, or maybe even between life and death, you might for a while envy the many men and women that are left without a choice, that just hover randomly through life without anyone ever noticing.

I’m not mentioning the downsides of being choiceless (did I just make that word up? The iPhone suggestions is chondrites..), they are obvious and there are many of them. But it is vital to see and understand both sides of the coin. At the end of the day it allows me to calculate my opinion and eventually stay grateful. It tells me to be happy that I can choose between a chicken salad and pizza for lunch (I had the salad, this body does not come for free) and that I can literally choose how I want to live my life.

Much love,



And yeah, I do like that shirt. Wise-guy..


I think I might go out and open a retirement fund tomorrow. Considering it nowadays takes me something like three months to finish one song, I won’t be surprised if the industry will eventually out-run me and my precious material. A natural solution to this problem is of course to make a good enough song that justifies the three-month interval, and that levels out the disadvantage. Initially, laziness was the prime suspect but after the past few weeks, where I have really gotten my hands dirty, it is now clear that I am just incredibly slow. Of course this also has an explanation and a background, but that is not much of a relief. I think a lot of songwriters out there are more easily content with their work than I am. I think, even if that one line doesn’t really make sense or the ending is way too cryptic, they put a dot at the end of the sentence and call it a day. This I don’t do. If it doesn’t make perfect sense to me (not saying it might not be complicated) and it is not all connected, I’m not gonna put my name on it. Naturally, this could be a problem as well as it can be a good thing. It could be a trademark that people will recognize in my music, and a guide for me, which I so desperately need.

All this said, I don’t actually know if it’s better to just spit out one average song a day as opposed one great (at least my perception of great) song every three months. And despite being worried about my sluggishness, I’m still mostly happy with the results I come up with. I just hope those songs will be good enough to keep you entertained for the time I need.