I’ve been writing a lot recently and have started to build up a small bank of songs that I can choose from for my next album or E.P. or whatever I might do. I’ve always thought that it was unfortunate I didn’t have more material to choose from for ‘A Weight Off My Mind’. After all, you will get a better album if you choose 10 songs out of 50 instead 12 songs of 14. And that’s what I’m trying to do now. To collect. And hopefully it’s gold. If not, then fine. At least I’m writing.

The Hardest Part, This Dream, Come July and Memories of You are all songs that I very much believe in, among others. More so than I did for my previous projects and it’s exciting to know that an inspiring time is ahead of me. I still don’t know when and where but I know it’s coming.

Now if you’ll excuse me, River Monsters is on and Jeremy Wade is about to challenge a congo catfish.