I sleep sometimes. I feed my dog
I take my pills. Still have my job
Ask me how I am and I’ll look happy too
Hiding all the memories of you

This is the intended chorus for this new song called Memories Of You. It is a collaborative effort. My first collaborative effort in writing a song, at least as far as lyrics are concerned. I was both excited and scared to start working on this. Usually I like to know that I’m in control and that I have final say in how the song turns out. But lately I’ve noticed that there is a limit to how much inspiration I can actually gather myself, and I have felt the need to learn from and write about other inspired people and their experiences. You might think it is difficult to gather, process and write someone else’s feelings in words on a piece of paper and then sing them as if they are you own, but as it turns out, it works just fine.I’m very excited for you to hear it.