Hey all,

I just felt the need to write a few lines and sort of explain why I don’t update the blog that often. First of all, I’m not really like your general blogger out there. I don’t write about trivial stuff like how my morning gym session was or what I put in my smoothie in the morning (fruit yoghurt, oats and honey btw). I try to write only when I have something interesting or forceful to say, which is of course subjective but whatever. Second of all, and this is affected by the first of all, for some reason I convince myself that what I have just written is not interesting enough for you, a weird thing to decide for someone else, I know. I guess it’s good at the end of the day because I’m never really happy, and that usually leads to making quality stuff, no matter you are into. And third, and this one sucks, I’m surprisingly busy these days. Living the life of a football player is not only physically tough but also quite stressful for the old thinker, especially when you have people relying on you and you are boasting 0-0-2 record (wins-ties-losses) at the start of the season. And between the football and the music, practicing and practicing and recording, it’s tough to find left-over brainspace to distribute.

I don’t want to think of the writing as sporadic, since it’s always on my mind. It’s just that my filter is set on high. No one asked for these excuses, but I was hoping they might buy me some time. “I Do” should be up shortly.