I’m reading and hearing about the catastrophic events taking place in Japan and I feel helpless. I want to help but I know I can’t. My thoughts are with all of the affected. In a weird way it also helps me, because my problems now suddenly don’t seem like problems at all.

Thinking about it, I feel like tragedies like this, caused by both natural disasters and political conflicts, has happened more and more frequently lately. Haiti, Japan and Libya are a few recent examples. I need and want to believe there is a reason for it all though. This can’t all be random. And I’d like to believe that that reason gives us enough hope to fight through it. I have never experienced and probably will never experience anything similar to what is happening in Japan right now. But in my darkest hours, my belief in that things (problems included) happens for a reason is what keeps me going. The comfort is not always enough, but knowing or believing that something good will come out of it is at least a start. It tough now, and probably will be tough for a long time. But people are strong, and have time and time again made it through difficult situations. I just hope the rest of us can learn something from it and sometimes just remember and acknowledge how lucky we actually are.

“but I know the heart of life is good”