I think I might go out and open a retirement fund tomorrow. Considering it nowadays takes me something like three months to finish one song, I won’t be surprised if the industry will eventually out-run me and my precious material. A natural solution to this problem is of course to make a good enough song that justifies the three-month interval, and that levels out the disadvantage. Initially, laziness was the prime suspect but after the past few weeks, where I have really gotten my hands dirty, it is now clear that I am just incredibly slow. Of course this also has an explanation and a background, but that is not much of a relief. I think a lot of songwriters out there are more easily content with their work than I am. I think, even if that one line doesn’t really make sense or the ending is way too cryptic, they put a dot at the end of the sentence and call it a day. This I don’t do. If it doesn’t make perfect sense to me (not saying it might not be complicated) and it is not all connected, I’m not gonna put my name on it. Naturally, this could be a problem as well as it can be a good thing. It could be a trademark that people will recognize in my music, and a guide for me, which I so desperately need.

All this said, I don’t actually know if it’s better to just spit out one average song a day as opposed one great (at least my perception of great) song every three months. And despite being worried about my sluggishness, I’m still mostly happy with the results I come up with. I just hope those songs will be good enough to keep you entertained for the time I need.