We sit together in the park
We have new eyes and hungry hearts
It makes perfect sense or not at all, when you say
“What are you waiting for?”

This dream has followed me a while
It’s like a subconscious denial
I try to forget you every day,
Can’t seem to chase it all away

I’ve had these lyrics for a month and a half now, trying almost every day to finish the song, only to find myself angry and clueless at the end of the night. The inspiration stopped as I stopped dreaming about it, and when I think about it, that’s sort of a relief. Now that I know that it really is connected, I also know I haven’t lost the ability to write songs.

Since it’s a topic that I know my brain will come back to, I try to be patient. My pen is gonna explode when it happens (that’s what she said). Everyone knows how inspired one feels when waking up  from a dream. I can’t wait for that to happen, verse 2 needs it!

It’s getting late and I hope this post will work as a trigger tonight so that I can make magic in the morning.