I can’t believe that one single event in my life can provide fuel for my song-writing for this long. It is like the BP of my life, without the disasters. Actually with disasters, just not enviromental.

Started writing a song last week around the same topic that was current a year ago. I keep thinking that it’s amazing how many words you can squeeze out of a certain scenario. All you need is one good heartbreak and if you are into song-writing, that will sustain you for a long time. I look at it from different angles, find the right perspective for my mood that day, see how that makes me feel and then I just start writing. For me it has to be an active process though. As soon as I start blocking my emotions, the songs suffer. Sure, this way is more painful but in the end it totally translates. And then I just keep doing that, over and over again, as long as it feels renewable and as long as the songs feel real.

I almost feel guilty though. Like I have to something amazing back. When I’m rich, I’m gonna write a tribube R’n’B song called “She’s A Goldmine”.  R. Kelly will produce.