As I’m watching the Italian football team play their first match in the 2010 World Cup, I can’t help but wonder how I feel this passionate about a team that I have no real ties to. I mean, I have always loved their way of playing, the Serie A and their amazing hand gestures. But there is still no fundamental reason for me to love the Gli Azzurri like this. What adds to the confusion is that I don’t feel this strongly at all about the Swedish national team. I’m almost scared to give a statement like that from fear of being lynched by my friends, but I feel compelled to be truthful. This is not based on a whim or a childish crush that dies out at the first sight of  adversity. I can feel the passion firmly fixed inside of me and it won’t go away. I have never wished I was born somewhere else. That’s not what this is about. I just agree with the Italian way more. But just because I like their way of playing football better, doesn’t mean I should also love the team more. But I do. Naturally I think it is normal to feel more patriotic about the country of your birth. So what does that make me?

A poll was taken in a Swedish magazine prior to the World Cup, where the people of Sweden was asked which team they disliked the most of all the participants in South Africa 2010. The majority of the people answered Italy. Now, I’m thinking, is there something wrong with me? Why don’t I sympathize with my fellow Swedes? Why don’t I feel obliged to like and root for Sweden (like many others do). I have noticed, it’s best to keep this to yourself if you don’t want to have to explain yourself for 45 minutes and still be misunderstood. A forbidden love indeed.

I guess why I’m bringing this up is because I feel a bit ashamed and I would like to know the reason behind this off-limit affection, not that I think it would change anything if I did know where it came from. It can’t be in my DNA, because half is Swedish and half is Indian (I clearly know how DNA works).