..right now is old people with computer problems. First of all, trying to teach them things is pointless since most of the time they don’t remember what I said. Like if I explain how to upload a new profile picture onto Facebook (what are they doing on Facebook anyway?), that same question will arise the next day when that picture accidentally was deleted instead.

Even though I have a lot of it, my patience has now been spread thin. If it’s my mom asking, then fine. But when people ask me randomly to help them, and expects me to comply with a smile, I lose it. And then I help them anyway because I’m a good person. I mean, sure, I get it. They didn’t grow up with the same exposure to technology as our generation does right now. It’s not easy, but maybe taking a step back once in a while and realizing that making a Powerpoint in flash might not be in their best interest, would ultimately lead to a decrease in stress and anger. Now, since I never had any interest in harvesting crops and stuff, it’s difficult for me to convey my anger to them in a way that they understand.

I’ll probably end up in the same situation at some point though. In 2064, when I have my own family and when I can’t figure out how to operate our brand new flying car, I’m quite sure I’ll annoy the hell out of my son. He’ll be named Jonas the II by the way, future wife.