It’s like a thousand degrees in my place. I have wanted summer for so long and now that it’s here I’m already seeing the negatives. A method I use to equalize the heat is to sprinkle cold water on my upper body and stand underneath a ceiling fan for a while. It really helps. Unfortunately it can also lead to getting a cold.

I have started to rehearse some of my newer songs for a gig next month. It’s interesting to play songs live that haven’t been recorded yet. I have no template and no outline to follow. It can be tough sometimes when you can’t get it to sound the way it sounded in your head. However, going into rehearsal with a clear mind makes the creative process so much more fun and rewarding. The gig is in my hometown and I really have no idea what people are going to think. I shouldn’t care about that either, but I do. I’m too self-concious for my own good. Luckily, a lot of the people there will be friends and family and they will clap no matter what. So I should be fine.

Since my laptop is increasing the temperature in this room by 2 degrees a minute, I’m gonna have to say goodnight.