Firstly, I’m still on 24. Even after 8 seasons. Ever since I saw JB twist a guys neck off with his thighs for the first time, I have been loyal to the show, which has not been very difficult since 24 has continuously delivered, year after year. In the last episode, Jack did something I haven’t seen him do since Ryan Chappelle. I really don’t see an out for Jack this time. Wait..what am I saying? It’s Jack, he’s out when he wants to be.

Another show I am watching frequently and have started to adore is Community. I have never really appreciated the humor of Chevy Chase, and I’m not sure anyone ever did. With this show however, in my eyes, he has totally redeemed himself. I don’t think I’ve seen a character deliver more racially offensive, sexist and hilarious jokes since the start of Entourage and the introduction of Ari Gold. Love it.

The last show I’m gonna mention is 30 Rock which hardly needs any introduction. It can never get enough praise though. Even if the quality have gone down a bit in season 4, it is still hard to find a show that is as updated and current and that makes you laugh in so many different ways.

I spend enough time on Glee and Entourage for them to deserve a mention too.

I love TV!