…it seems, are not necessarily connected (no pun intended. Although that was an amazing, totally not staged, pun). Weird huh? Upon a request from my idiot brother, I did the vocabulary part of the Swedish SATs the other day. I was made a fool of and received a score way below my expectations. Why were my expectations so high? Well you must understand, as an undisputed Scrabble champion (Swedish and English, in case you wanna get cute) you naturally expect to do well at anything that involves words. As it turns out, the connection between the two seems to be smaller than I thought. And it doesn’t help much that the rest of my family aced the test and are now repeatedly stating that they are smarter than me, for which my comeback has been, ‘well, at least I’m good-looking’. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to hurt them that much.

On another note, I’m working on an acoustic version of  a new song that I really believe in, ‘The Chase’. I want you guys to hear it so much and I will try to find the time to finish it before the end of the week. Even though it’s gonna be a live version, I still want it to sound decent so your first impression isn’t clouded.

Oh, thanks for listening by the way.