Just wanted to give to you my thoughts on dancing. I mean, I just felt the urge to discuss the concept of dancing and state how weird it in fact is. What is dancing? And why is dancing so accepted? Basically what happens is, you go from one place to another (usually not more than a few meters away) and start moving your hands and feet, preferably on beat to the music. Mind you, that is not a requirement, I have a close friend who is living proof of that, god bless her. I think there is a reason why people seem more drawn to the idea of dancing only once they have had a few to drink. If you think about it, it’s such a strange idea to suddenly start shaking your body in one specific place. And if someone dances outside of the designated dancing area, people suddenly think that person is strange, which they probably are, but that’s a different discussion.

What’s even weirder is hitting on someone while dancing, for example moving in closer, trying to impress with an extra twirl or a semi-well executed robot move. The better you are at it, the more likely it is to work. And even though that usually ends up in a crash and burn, we are still not discouraged. We just twirl away in the direction of someone new to dazzle. It’s funny, I did a little dancing of my own last night and didn’t think one second about the above mentioned things. In fact, I did all of the above mentioned things. Actually I didn’t do the robot, I feel it shouldn’t be done unless you can really nail it. I guess it’s just in our nature to move and express ourselves in that way when it feels rights. I just had to recognize how curious it is. Keep moving though, I love it.