On my way to Dubai now. There is something about travelling that brings out the poetic side in me. It’s the airport I think. Full of people, busy and excited, working wonders for my song-writing. I’ll tell you what’s not poetic though. That flight from Skellefteå to Stockholm. I know not many can relate to it but just picture being on a flight with a 50% chance of crashing and you’ll get what I’m saying.

I need to buy new shoes. Already got these but I can’t really wear them out. I have aspired to wear something other than sneakers for a long time now but I’m certain I’ll just end up with something like this again. Anything deviating from that is like snake-skins to me.

Man that MacDonalds sign is like a tractor beam. Must….have…..el….maco…

Gotta go. See some of you soon!