So I’ve been meaning to grow a mustache. I’ve always wanted to get one and for once actually keep it for longer than 30 seconds. But see the problem is, I’m a football player. The last guy that pulled off playing football in a mustache was…well, that person never existed. So this puts me in a difficult position since I’m planning to play for a long time. Another problem is that I have always believed there was a connection between looking good and playing well. Call it superstition but that is not a theory I will easily forget. Mind you, I’m not saying that looking good in a mustache is not a possibility, but playing football on a serious level and still being able to carry the special look of a thick and full mustache is a mission that is too great for me, I’m afraid.  So what then? Do I have to wait 10 years before I can change my appearance. And I don’t mean that I have to or that I’m displeased with my looks now, it’s would just be nice to have options. So, needless to say, I’m feeling a bit trapped. The annoying thing is that my other big passion and career opportunity, music, supports the mustache all the way. In fact, it is in most circumstances considered edgy. I don’t have a solution for this problem as of yet other than trying to convince my teammates to join me and start some sort of motion that is pro mustache-footballing. Might be far-fetched. I’m loosing hope in this matter. What else could I try. A cane?

A brave soul