My friend had a baby 4 months ago and he came by tonight to show the little one. My friend is my age, which is 23.

Looking at myself and how I am, I can’t help being extremely impressed with the way he handles things. Taking care of myself is too much to handle for me. I’m the kind of guy that forgets his passport going on an international flight. How could I ever be responsible for another life? Is it something you grow into? If it is, then thank god. If it’s something you are born with then I’m screwed. And nowadays 23 isn’t even young to have a baby. People are anything from 16-24 and they make it work just fine.

With all the pressure that society puts on us these days, one would think that my friend and anyone in his situation (going to uni, playing semi-pro football, being a good dad and boyfriend) would feel over-powered by this heavy, intense task. But no, instead he seems to grow for each day, learning new things and appreciating the life that he now has. As I bystander, I can only take inspiration from that and appreciate the courage and strength it takes to take good care of a family. I also hope I can learn from it because I realize, being the way I am, is not really a chick magnet.