Mondays are tough! Mondays are surrounded and guarded by negativity. Very rarely does anything remotely positive slip through it’s defenses. When you wake up on a Monday morning the first thing you meet is a great wall of darkness and gloom blocking all hope and OH MY GOD am I really this negative…..?

A friend asked me today what my plans are for 2010. And for the first time in a while I didn’t have an extravagant answer. Nothing like: “I’m gonna travel the world” or “I’m going to Africa to save the cheetahs” or even “I am now a drug addict so I’ll be going to a rehab facility”. It didn’t feel great not being able to dazzle (*cough* make people jealous) with super special and original plans. I want to believe though that this could in fact be good for me. A little slice of normality will hopefully assist in getting my bearings back. And since my dreams are still as crazy as they have always been I’m sure I’ll soon reach for the stars again.

I have more personal nonsense to write but I’m too tired right now.