Ever since I got back to Sweden I’ve been writing much more than I did in Dubai. It really isn’t easy to get the music out there though and other than a proper recording (which will also happen in time) the aren’t a lot of ways to do it. This requires you to be creative and even though it took me long enough I finally managed to find a way. Since I was still limited in some ways, please excuse bad sound and stuff. Hopefully, as time goes by, the quality of these videos will improve. Anyway, hope you like the song.

I’ll be fine on my own
I tell myself every morning
I wash my face till I feel awake
Grab my guitar and go to a place
Where I can feel just what I want to

And it’s alright, for a while. It’s what I need to get by

And then I think of when she was here
Can’t believe I left that love affair
It doesn’t matter, I’m not grieving
And so what if I am it’s only human..

..to love, and hold on tight

No one said that love was easy
No one said it would be this hard
But waiting for love to release me
Is simply the hardest part

Heaven only knows how to be alone