As I’m looking out the window at the heavy snowflakes falling peacefully from the sky, a scent so wonderful and mouth-watering reaches my nostrils. I realize that my christmas baking is done and I quickly remove the golden bread from the oven. I have to fight long and hard with my conscience not to devour the tasty buns right there and then. I soon come to my senses though,  mostly because I want others to experience a taste so delicious as this one. Unfortunately most people won’t have the pleasure of actually trying these buns of heaven out so they will have to make do with a picture and their imagination. As for myself, I was hoping that the combination of falling snow and baking christmas lovelies would ultimately bring back some of the special holiday spirit I seem to have lost the past few years. I did feel something creeping up behind me and to really figure out what that was I will continue these holiday doings and hope for a revelation soon enough. Next up: Do a good deed!

‘What? Is there something I can’t do? Well…..that’s not really what’s important here. And no, there isn’t.’