So my sister came over the other day to drop off one of her kids for my parents to look after while she attended to some business of hers. I also took part in the looking after, you know, playing, carrying, singing, all that. When it was time for little Leah to go back home, my dad and I figured we deserved some peace and quiet in front of the TV. So as we sat down and made ourselves comfortable, we quickly realized the remote for the TV was missing. Since we both felt quite tired and lazy we didn’t bother looking for it at the time and just turned the TV on manually, found the channel we wanted to watch and stuck with it. Luckily a football game had just started so we knew we had at least 90 minutes of continuous watching ahead of us. The next day, obviously, the same thing happened. There we were again, this time slightly more aware of the fact that we didn’t know where the remote was. But since thinking that the remote could actually be gone was out of the question, we just fell back to the procedure of the day before. Three days later, the remote is still nowhere to be found. How is this possible?! It is one of the most treasured items in this house and even though we did have a 5-day state of denial, it being gone just doesn’t make sense. By now we have literally (or figuratively, I don’t care) turned the house upside down looking for this stupid (and beautiful) device, coming up with nothing but a few coins found under the couch. I feel like we need the CSI New York team on this one. Not the Miami crew, they bug me.

The last time I saw the remote, Leah had it in her hands, looking mighty suspicious I must say. We didn’t get much information after confronting her. I think mainly because the only clues she was able to give at the time was a loud gargle and some drool, since she doesn’t actually speak yet.

This is slowly becoming a huge problem for us. We have all been there. The show on TV is too terrible to watch but the couch is too comfortable to move away from. What does one do? It remains a mystery and I fear I won’t get much sleep until it is solved. I’m also scared that soon enough me and my dad will start blaming each other. And after that there is no turning back. I only trust myself right now.

Good night..or is it?