I just came back to Sweden after a short visit to England. I went for a soccer tryout that didn’t exactly go as I had planned. I have so much in me and so much I want to show and when I’m not given the time or space to do what I do best, it really gets to me. It’s an extremely frustrating situation in general. It’s funny how the thing that makes you so happy one day, also sometimes is the thing that disappoints you the most.

I’m not ready to give up though. It means too much to me. And I feel like the question has to be answered. I have a strong feeling I can make it. But can I really? That’s what I have to prove. This is how I try to explain it when people ask me why I’m so persistent with this dream of mine, but they still don’t seem to understand. And I don’t expect them to. When it comes true, they will get it.

Classic England