As I am going through my iTunes library I realize there is music in here that represents most of the different stages I have gone through in life, the people I have met and the things I have done. And as I hear the songs I’m reminded of something and I dwell in the past for a while. Weezer – growing up, Craig David – middle school, Gavin DeGraw – post high school, John Legend – Elo, Jamiroquai – Dubai and so on.. I think everyone has (at least to a certain extent) a specific album or song that reminds them of an important event in their lives, like a first kiss or getting through a break-up. The beauty of it is that you don’t even have to actively listen to it. Hearing it somewhere in the background works just as well, and will help you remember for a long time. And in my mind, anything that helps you remember is awesome.

I just got John Mayer’s new album, Battle Studies, and as I listen to it for the third time around, I’m pretty sure I will look back 2 years from now, thanking it for helping me through the things I am going through right now.

Music works as a support for me, something I can always come to, something that will always be there. And I guess writing music is my way of giving back, hoping that through it, I can maybe help someone remember and thus, if I’m lucky, stay a part of their memories. So I just keep on writing.