Spending some time in Stockholm at the moment. Took a stroll today and it felt good. I always imagine I am in a music video whenever I’m out walking around with music playing in my ears. You must know the image of an artist walking around a beautiful city singing about love and stuff. That was me today. 


...now playing: 'Travis - Closer'

The trip to Dubai was both fun and challenging. It was tough because I only had about four days to spend there and thus, not a lot of time to get personal. And so I could only scratch the surface with people, which in some cases is all you want to do, and in other cases, is not nearly enough. Now that I am back home, I keep thinking about certain things that I noticed a change in, things that I no longer can control, and all that has hit me like a knife to the heart. Still processing. 

Now, the music side of things, which is what brought me to Dubai in the first place, went really well. Even though we didn’t even come close to winning the competition we entered, I feel happy that I got to stand on a stage and sing songs again. And the fact that I haven’t played live in almost 4 months didn’t bother me at all. I even feel like I have gotten better at it. As for playing my new songs, one in particular, I don’t really know what to say about that. Don’t get me wrong, everyone seemed to enjoy it very much. It just didn’t seem to make much difference to the one person I actually wrote it for. And why should it, I guess. 

Until next time, keep it real people.