…flying somewhere?’ A classic quote from a classic movie.

I’m on my way to Dubai now. I really love airports. I can sit for hours and just listen to music and watch people. I make up stories in my head about where they are going and how their lives are and it keeps me entertained. I’m not a very outgoing person if I think about it. As in I don’t normally¬†take that much interest in what other people do or think or feel. Just in airports. Maybe I should do it more often. I just met a girl who’s going to South Africa for 4 months to do volunteer work. She wants to save the cheetahs. Inspiring stuff.

I think I have the attributes to be outgoing. I’ll try to make an effort from now because it does make me feel better. I know I can make it on my own but that doesn’t mean I have to. Now is not the time to be proud. You wanna talk? Let’s talk!

Oh Bob Dylan just came on my iPod, I better focus..

See you soon friends!