Just made a big bowl of porridge for dinner. Waiting for it to cool down now. Along with two eggs and some homemade jam, it’s really something to look forward to. Even on a friday night.

I’m heading to Dubai in a few weeks to do some shows. One of them is on a Tuesday, so I expect you to be there. Because I know for a fact people are rarely busy on Tuesday nights. I read it, “in a book”. I’m excited to play live again, especially to try out the new stuff. Playing songs no one has ever heard is extremely exposing, but can also be very rewarding if you do it right. I’ve finally managed to write a song exactly the way I want to write it. So for you guys to embrace that song would make me very happy.

Even though I just recently left Dubai, many things have changed since. I am both excited and scared to see how much they have changed and if the changes are for the better. And I’m not talking about if the new addition to the Mall Of The Emirates is well done, I’m talking about relationships. I think it’s healthy to test the boundaries of a relationship, if you have a good foundation to stand on. It will only lead to us getting to know each other better. And in turn, that will either bring us closer or make us realize that we weren’t actually meant to be together, which is also a good thing, or is supposed to be anyway. Becoming too comfortable (lazy) with your wife, your girlfriend or your friend will eventually lead to a relationship built purely on routine. And I don’t want that. I know leaving Dubai has tested the relationships I had there, and I’ll get to know what shape they are in pretty soon, which is cool.

Ok I’m experiencing a wierd problem with my eyes right now, the whole room appears to leaning downwards. And Just Like Heaven is on tv. I should go. 

One love,