I woke up today at 8.55 and had breakfast. Cereal with a sandwich. Could have been two sandwiches, not sure. Then I brushed my teeth, washed my face and picked up the guitar. I played for about 2 hours, practiced scales mostly. I’m using my acoustic now since I broke a string on the strat and haven’t had time to buy new ones. After that I had a banana and a glass of water, went back to the guitar, this time trying to write a song. It went ok. Lunchtime.

After lunch I felt pretty energized so I tried solving a crossword puzzle. It was difficult and the fact that I couldn’t finish it sort of broke my spirit. That lead to me sitting on the couch thinking for a while. My thoughts clouded by that crossword puzzle. I broke out of that spell a few minutes later and decided to listen to some music. By this time, everyone had left the house so I had privacy. The music really spoke to me so I couldn’t resist dancing. I do some of my best dancing when no ones around. Weird huh?

Anyway that’s pretty much my day. Oh, I almost forgot. I did this survey on the internet and it turns out I have most likely have really great eyesight!

J-Dog out