I don’t know what to write. Not here, and definately not in my notebook. I thought I had writers block in Dubai, this is like freakin’ writers Berlin wall. I haven’t finished a song in like 4 months.  I’m so damn distracted all the time!!! I promised myself that I would take all this free time and practise and write but I just keep getting pulled away from it by other, more light-hearted things. Like today, I spent the whole morning and afternoon floating on small little rubber boats along the river and playing beach volleyball. I know it sounds fun, and it was. But what I should’ve done is gone to the music store, bought new strings, gone home and start hammin’ it up. And I didn’t. Why? Because I am undoubtedly the most distracted person I know. Even as I am writing this, thoughts fly back and forth in my head, disagreeing with what I just wrote. AHHHHH!

Tomorrow’s a new day though and time is a luxury I currently have. Catching up is on the schedule.

”It’s tough sometimes, fighting against yourself”.