Hey everyone,

Today was a good day. I feel happy and thankful that I get to be alive right now and be with the people I choose to be with (and love) and just experience new things each and every day.  This kind of joy rush doesn’t exactly happen often but I’m pretty good at spotting it and I let everyone know when it’s upon me.

I signed with Skellefteå FF today and I am happy. The deal is great. Not only do I get to play football at a very high level, it also allows me to practise guitar and write without any major time constraints to worry about. I just pray that I can steer clear of any major injuries (I’ll just run off the minor ones) so that I can show people what I can do.  I have been given the opportunity to do what I want. What more can I ask for?

I also had time to watch Public Enemy today. I didn’t really like it. I’m afraid it is getting good reviews because of the fact that Michael Mann directed it and Johnny Depp is a good actor. That’s not enough! Then again what do I know? Earlier today I had the urge to watch Waterworld.

I still haven’t finished the song I told you about earlier. No, I’m not lazy this time. It’s just tough sometimes. But soon though, watch out on myspace.

Good night