This is what I wrote earlier tonight (pre-poker) and forgot to post..

Playing poker tonight with a bunch of old bags. Should be interesting. I took their money, clothes and boots last time. Considering I usually suck at poker I shouldn’t be boasting like this but as I understand it, confidence is a very important attribute in the game (especially if you bluff a lot). And I  really need to keep the momentum going. Can’t afford to loose any money. The music hasn’t exactly paid off recently. Damn you Spotify!

…well, let’s just say what goes around comes around. Desai. Went bust. Should’ve seen it coming.

Anyway, spending a lot of time with family at the moment. It’s good stuff. We have a foundation that is very easy to build from everytime we see eachother. It feels good to be able to rely on that, to know that we won’t slip away from eachother so easily.