Wow, I just took the biggest decision of my life and turned down going to school in the states. For long it seemed like the best opportunity for me and who knows, it might still be. I will stay here for a short while now and figure out a plan. I’d hate to say that I am a coward and that I only said no because I don’t have it in me to go. It’s not that. I want something bigger, I do. But I feel like I have to choose my moments carefully now, especially when it involves a lot of money. Yes, that is me talking.

I’ve stated to many people recently that I truly believe the next step in my music career is becoming a better guitar player. And sure, that might lead to a year doing very little otherwise (not a lot of recording, no real promotion) which to some people might seem like a waste. But at the end of that year, I feel like I would start for real. I am a fast learner and I shouldn’t necessarily feel stressed. It’s a long career and patience is one of the few virtues I can honestly say that I have.

I will try to do as much with these coming six months as I can.

(I have never tried writing for someone else. But I am very willing to give it a shot. That’s why I am inviting you to contact me if you feel that I have some talent in the area of song-writing and the emotional depth it takes to understand what you want to say and put it down on paper. I know there are a lot of great singers out there that haven’t found a way to speak their mind through a song, and what I’m saying is: if you need some help, let me help.)

The sun is coming up. I better go to sleep.

Thanks for listening.