The beach soccer didn’t go exactly as planned, in any way. We got knocked out in the quarter-finals against a highly annoying team. It’s funny that, even though it was totally for fun, I get so angry and disappointed every time I get beaten at something.

The gig afterwards was not that great either. I’m a bit angry that we were given the worst spot, which lead to us playing in front of nearly no one. Thanks to friends and family for sticking with it though.

Now the plan is to get a recording of the new songs down, I will try to make it happen ASAP. It’s tough to do things fast here, it just feels like everything goes down to super slo-mo when I’m home. Not good. I also have a few other things in the making, like a spontaneous music video that will be produced by a very talented amateur. Should be interesting!


I totally took the ball and scored moments after this. Top corner.