He has been getting more than a thousand hits on his blog per day recently, which is more than I’ve had in total (not really but still),  so it feels totally pointless to try to boost his sales like this. But in a way it means showing my support and that’s what I want him to know, that he has it, always.

So he started a trip from Dubai to Skellefteå (Sweden) and back again on his motorbike. I’m pretty sure it was inspired by Ewan McGregor’s similar adventures which was later turned into a documentary called ‘The Long Way Down’. He has now passed Iran and is chilling out in beautiful Turkey at the moment. You can read about his journey at http://andreasdesai.wordpress.com/ or at www.norran.se if you have difficulties with the old english. It is an interesting and crazy idea and it takes a lot of guts to execute that idea, and he deserves all the attention he gets.

Now, if this thing is being fueled by some sort of  a midlife crisis (which may or may not be my theory), then let’s just confirm that that really doesn’t mean a thing. It’s still an amazing experience and I’m probably just jealous. Needed to say that for my own sake.

He still has a good 3 weeks to travel so there will be a ton of stuff to read about. I’ll be following it, hope you will too.

Desai jr out.