Trying to figure out what to do today. So far I’ve manage to come up with a new solo and practice that for a while. It’s 12 p.m. already so where did the rest of the morning go? It’s surprising how much time you can spend (waste) watching movie trailers. They make them so exciting, I can’t help it!

I really want to be useful today but without inspiration I totally loose my discipline. This is what happened in my head not long ago as I was contemplating what to do. ”Maybe I should try to finish that song I’ve been working on. Yeah….yeah that sounds like a good plan. I’ll just check the TV firsOH MY GOD SPIDERMAN 3 IS ON!!” And that was that. 25 minutes later I snapped out of it and felt ashamed. But I guess that’s the thing about being an artist full-time, you just have to accept the fact that not everyday will bring inspiration and creativity. Just remember, when the day does bring those things, and you don’t seize that moment, then you can consider yourself a little bit lazy.

Interesting trivia about Jonas Desai. It always takes me longer to figure out the headline than it takes to write the post. Right now it’s POST: 10 min, HEADLINE: 27 min. I gotta see someone about this…

Ok ok I got it, I’m gonna go with..