No no, it wasn’t that bad. Considering my lack of aptitude (stupidity some call it) in most areas of todays education, I think I did pretty well. It really ticks me off, however, to see these high-school kids breeze through the SATs with complete composure. Meanwhile, I’m struggling to get through the registration form.

I guess I’m just not as complete as I thought I was. I’ve always thought I could do anything and be excellent at it. What I’ve realized recently is that I could probably do anything I set my mind on, but I wouldn’t necessarily be good at it, and for me that just doesn’t cut it. Here’s the kicker though: I’m designed to be competitive and winning is important for me, no matter what I do. But even with that in mind, I know I just won’t go for it. There is always something holding me back. Ever since I was young I knew I had it in me. But I never had that other thing, that switch in your head that tells you to drop everything ‘unnecessary’ in your life and just focus on the thing you actually want to do and be successful in. Now, considering my age and what I have done so far in life, things are becoming more and more clear. If I don’t change my attitude, I’ll end up nowhere. 

Cheerful huh? At least it’s coming from my full-size aortic pump.