Just woke up. I had 2 dreams. One I can’t remember. In the other one, me and Robert (other brother) had somehow qualified for the Dubai Tennis Championships and were playing each other in the first round. People were actually watching but I remember seeing their faces clearly (because I had zoom vision) and they indicated boredom and disappointment. Even the ball boy, when asked to get a ball, reacted by saying: “C’mon, these guys suck!”. Anyway, the whole thing was very strange and highly unlikely. I mean, who really believes Robert could ever play a tennis tournament that big! 

Going to MTV Arabia today to drop off the ‘Time Machine’ video. Hopefully it will be put on rotation so more people can see it. I definitely think of this as a milestone. There is something special about MTV and it feels great to be considered for this. I just hope MTV Arabia will learn from what MTV Europe has done and actually start playing some videos! Right now ‘Pimp My Ride: India’ is taking up way too much time.