I was totally shredding just now. In fact, I was playing so fast and with so much bending action that the string broke, at which point I decided to share something with you. 

I really feel like I’m improving by the day as a player. I’m still far away from being confident enough to play lead on stage but it’s getting there. As I am copying other peoples playing and imitating solos I’m hoping my own style of playing will come out of all that. Something that makes me hopeful is how my brain works when I take a break. The melody or the notes that I’ve been playing lingers in my mind and I come up with new ways of playing them as I’m brushing my teeth, for example. I am much more comfortable singing then I am playing so it is only natural that it happens this way. So after I have a really cool lick in my head I then apply it to the guitar to see how it sounds. The rest is very mechanical. I don’t know if this is a really basic phase that every experienced player has gone through. If it is then at least I know I’m going the right way.

Will keep you updated!