Item nr. 2…check!

The RC-2 has over 16 minutes of recording time. Drum patterns, loop quantize and 11 phrases to play around with. It’s perfect for practise which is what I’m trying to do now for the most of my days. It feels good to be able to be disciplined like this without cursing over the whole situation. I just hope I’m getting somewhere. What I mean is that you can only learn so much from youtube and I don’t always know that I am practising the right things. Time will tell I guess.

Listening to Mayer on spotify. Damn he is good.


Next in line is the effects pedal. Anyone with suggestions, step forward.

One more thing. Just met my first real  fan (that is not a family member or a longtime friend) and it is truly a fantastic feeling to know that what you have created actually made a difference to someone else. Makes me want to keep at it.

Thanks for listening,