I was at an art exhibition yesterday at a place called the Jam Jar in Dubai. It made me realize that the only art I enjoy is the one I can relate to. I can’t act deeper than I am. So if I don’t understand the concept or meaning of that piece on the wall and I have no one to explain it to me, it’s a lost cause. It’s also hard to think that what I saw yesterday is same thing as what I do. In my opinion, art is supposed to appeal to our senses in some way and hopefully create a reaction(positive or negative). And you can’t really be wrong when you create in any form of art. It is an expression of who you are and what you think about things, which doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong, it simply is. Unfortunately it is easy to get lost and take advantage of that rule. I have wondered many time why I should struggle so hard to write the perfect song when I can write something less and get by with that. I guess that choice is as personal as the things you are creating.  

It is easy to make something and call it art. What’s difficult is to pour your heart into it and still manage to shape it into something comprehensive.

Working on it..