This is the question I have asked myself all day today. Have I been useful all this time? Have my actions in life actually helped me or someone around me? All the small things that I do, trying to make things better, have they actually changed something or are they just a front wall I’m putting up so that I won’t have to deal with real problems. Have my time-wasting thoughts (trust me, they are) or my over-analyzing just kept me in the dark? I want to tell myself, ‘it’s never too late’ or ‘you still have a long time to change things’ but I know myself pretty well and sometimes I fear that who I am will stop me from becoming something better. 

But as always, I should be happy. There are people with bigger problems than mine. I am proud of some things, like my music. It is something I want to do for the rest of my life. Hopefully it will allow me to do so. 

I am happy I have this blog. Now I can sleep.