For a long time now I have been meaning to purchase some items that I feel would help in my pursuit of becoming a decent guitar player. Not only because these things would finally give me something to talk about among other shredders (for you laymen out there ‘Shredders’ is a term used to describe really fast guitar players…I think…), but also because I have a feeling it will help inspire me to take a step further in my song-writing. 


Item nr. 1: Fender Stratocaster Highway 1 Series

'What are you using a Highway 1 with stacked humbuckers? Yeah that'll work.'

‘What are you using a Highway 1 with stacked humbuckers? Yeah that’ll work.’ 


Item nr. 2: BOSS ME70 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

guitar pedal

The problem with the effects pedal is that I don’t know enough about it to actually tell which one I need so I’m thinking I’ll just go for which ever one looks most awesome.  


Item nr. 3: BOSS RC2 Loop Station


This is a cute little thing with which I intend to spice up my acoustic sets. You’ll see..

Since the amp is already in place, these are the things I need to get my hands on. eBay here I come. 

Good night,