Hi….and sorry for my absence. To tell you the truth I haven’t been this busy in a very long time. I am a guy with alot of interests and passions and to squeeze every last one of them in to my everyday life is a time-consuming mission. Football, recording, gym, modelling, seing friends and family. All things that I prioritize (not necessarily in that order). And I feel blessed to have this much variety in my life because that makes every day interesting. 

We are finishing up the recording and things are starting to sound amazing. It is an strange feeling to hear your own work being played through the speakers. Accompanied by these incredibly talented musicians we are making a cd of the highest quality and I really hope you, the people, will get the chance to hear it and share the joy that music can create. 

Keep checking in on this site since a lot of things are happening the upcoming months and I don’t want you guys to miss anything. 

Thanks for tuning in,

Jonas out.