I was off from recording today so I decided to take it easy with some playstation and lunch and some more playstation. The highlight of the day though was supposed to be the evening football session with the team I am with in Dubai. The quality was not very good tonight and on top of that I hardly got to touch the ball. Most of the guys playing are pretty much there for the fun of it and don’t mind a bad pass here and there as long as they get to be in the game and have a good workout. The full-time result is not that important either and is forgotten after about 10 min. This is all fine and I respect that. But all of this creates a problem for me. It’s a classic anti-climax. I have no greater passion than football and whenever I miss out on a week of football I am miserable. But then when I do get on the pitch and I don’t get the quality I expect, that also ruins my day. I come from a life where all I did and looked forward to was football, and football on a pretty high level. So I still have that in the back of my head every time I step on the pitch. And I cannot and will not lower my expectation because I ALWAYS want to improve and be the best that I can be.

I’m surprised sometimes over how much I care about this sport. The name of the game..
J-dizz out