Stop this train is a song from John Mayers latest album Continuum. The song is about growing older and not being able to stop that fact and how to handle your life accordingly.

I just sang Stop this train to a 3 month old baby named Julian. I wonder if he understood the meaning of the words. I think he liked the line, “So scared of getting older I’m only good at being young” cause his reaction was a really deep gargle and from what I can gather that means something along the lines of “word”. 
I’m not really worried about getting older or wasting precious time as long as I’m doing what I love. It’s all about believing that you have the ability to make good things happen, to believe that you are meant for something big and that you have a purpose. If you can wrap your head around all that then that is a good start. The trick is not to be lazy when you have gotten to that point, which would be my biggest problem…