I got back to Dubai last night after 10 days in Sweden. I honestly feel like I haven’t been home at all. There are too many people to please and too many things to do that everything just turns bad. But usually you don’t realize who you really want to spend your time with and what you really want to do before you are gone. That is when you start regretting the choices you have made. And when you have a strong connection with your hometown like I have, you need to be in balance when you go home otherwise you might as well just stay away, especially with Skellefteå. I had an outbreak on the flight back to Dubai where I realized that I really didn’t say what I wanted to say to the people that needed to hear it. And why did I cry? Simply because you can’t expect people to stick around. People can leave, forget or (worst case) even die. That’s just how it works, which is why when you have the chance to say the things that are on your mind and that concerns the people you love, just do it.  

I can only hope that the gig I did sooner or later will bring me back to Skellefteå which in that case would have made this trip worth while. 
Jonas out