I know this is the second animated movie tip in a short time but it has to be done. We caught an excellent trailer of this movie before Kung Fu Panda came on and decided to go see it tonight with high expectations. I was not disappointed. What an amazing movie. Like most Disney movies it was bringing an important message across which was delivered perfectly through the sort of humor that all types of people can understand. And what better way to get people to get what you are trying to say than with laughter. I just hope it touched everyone as much as it touched me. I didn’t believe it when it happened but I cried in the end. I know I’m softer than than any average young adult out there but I really could help it. It wasn’t just the sentimental story that got to me, it just struck me how big of a difference you can make with love, faith and a little bit of patience. I just can’t believe I got all that from a made-up robot named Walle.

Go see this movie and tell me I am wrong. I dare you! Challenge me!