How old are you supposed to be when you are 22? I’m asking because I feel like a kid most of the time. Anyone who hasn’t met me before think I am older than I am. But all the people that know me well enough thinks I need to grow up. I feel like I act like an adult should for a certain time and then I do something to bring me down to my place again and at the same time disappoint someone else. 

I am an adult in some ways. And still I’m too lazy to call when I am late or I leave my passport at home when I am flying somewhere. I don’t even know what you call that. And the worst thing is I feel like I have not seen a change in that the last year. I’m sure I have grown in other areas. That doesn’t really matter though since most people determine how mature I am on the things that I always forget to do. 
”I guess I’m learning with time”