Sorry about the short absence. I’m really not used to being this busy. After not having a real job for the past 2 years it takes a while to adjust to this fully loaded schedule. Naturally…

The recording is going well. We just laid down drums and bass for 6 tracks and I can already hear a difference from what the songs sounded like before. Live instruments played by great players really makes the songs come alive. I actually had my debut as a studio musician today. Just laying down rhythm guitar though since I am not yet at a stage where I can rip a face-melting solo just like that. I’ve realized after hanging around the studio for a couple of days that being a good studio musician is truly an art in itself. It’s not just about being good at what you do, you also have to strive to create a good atmosphere in the studio, which in the end everyone will benefit from. Reiner found (don’t ask me how) a video on how to make it as a studio musician. For those of us who are interested in that, this video can be very educational. For everyone else, it might be a bit on the boring side. Anyway, check it out here.
Andreas is making full use of his new camera. Here are some pictures from today. 
Joshua Williams – Sound engineer
Adrian our kick ass bassplayer
Andreas Desai – Manager/Producer/Photographer/Model/Actor – you name it.
Jonas Desai or John Mayer….who knows?
I really enjoy writing this blog, hope you enjoy reading it. Keep it touch..