Don’t get me wrong. This is not a lesson. I have to remind myself of the fact that I only started writing a year and a half ago so I’m in no position to give a lesson. I guess I’ll call this a rundown in how I write my songs and whoever wants to learn from that should feel free to do so.

There are obviously variations but the most common way for me is to find a topic that I can relate to and find interesting enough to write good lyrics around. Example: The song that I’m currently working on is about being vulnerable in a relationship and how vulnerability leads to being scared which we all know seldom leads to anything other than bad things. Now since I’m in a relationship myself I find this very interesting and thus it’s fairly easy to write about. Now that I think about it I guess it’s just common sense to write about something that interests you. 
The music comes to me a lot more natural that the text does. 
I want to know how the legendary songwriters did it in their early years.
I wanna know if they struggled as much as I struggle sometimes. The likes of Dylan, Simon and Mayer must have had nights of pulling their hair over that last line that’s missing before they could call it a song. I’ll try to find some comfort in that. 
The picture to the right is an example of how it can look sometimes. It’s not pretty that’s for damn sure. Notice the creation on the upper left corner. That baby came alive when I was having a bit of a writers block this afternoon. 
I consider myself to be on the right way when it comes to writing songs. Sometimes they turn out more shallow and other times they’re so deep that no one can understand what the hell I’m talking about. But when you find that perfect balance and you put down the last word of the song on a piece of paper and you say to yourself ”wow this song is not bad”, it’s well worth all the trouble you went through to get to that point. That’s what keeps me going.
Thanks to those who stuck with me till the end of this message. 
I bid you goodnight.