My name is Jonas Desai and I will be your host for the evening…
I’ll try to make this unique. I’ll try to be as real as I possibly can. There is nothing that brings people back to the same place twice than the feeling of realness and sincerity. If you can convince the people that what they are reading is genuine and from the heart they WILL see the difference between your space and any of the hundred million others with the same idea.
This will be a blog revolving mainly around music. I am at a stage in my life where a lot of things are supposed to happen. In about 7 days I am going into the studio to record my debut album and put in motion what could possibly be the biggest turn of events so far in my 22-year old life. I want to share the process of that experience with you. The life of a struggling artist is a story that appeals to quite a few and I hope my life and my thoughts the coming months will provide some entertainment to whoever stumbles onto this site.
Thank you for your time.